Windows APP, Local and Standard User Not Connecting

Hello, I am trying to setup a user’s laptop and the user is a standard local user for the laptop.

I have an Admin account also.

I have been able to log into Twingate under the Admin account. But when I switch users and try to login under their account to Twingate, it will not connect.

As a matter of testing I changed the user to an Admin account and it works fine. What do I need to do to get this working under the Standard user account.

I am using Win11 Pro. Updated to latest version.

Hi @egrogg! When you say “log into Twingate”, are you referring to the Twingate Admin Console or the Twingate Client application on the device? And are you using a social login for this user or an IdP?

Twingate application. I think i figured it out that you can’t log in to the application with two accounts on windows at the same time even if these are different account logins. Two different windows user accounts

Ah got it! So Twingate requires admin access in initial installation as it configures a few things at the system level (tap adapter for windows). When activating the service, depending on what you are running into, it may require the user to have elevated permissions to start the client (and tunnel). But generally speaking, the client should work for a non-admin user if everything was installed by an admin.

What does the behavior look like if you (admin) were to log out and disconnect, and quit the app from your windows user account to then have the non-admin user attempt to login to the tenant and connect on their windows user account?

Absolutely. Works for the nonadmin user when the admin account is not logged in.


Just an afterthought after my response that I just sent.

Why would the app not allow two accounts logged in to the network on one PC? Even if I have two admin accounts and have one logged in, the other does not/will not be allowed to log in.

Is it because of the adapter for windows? Can there be a way to catch when a user switches windows user accounts to “disable” or temporarily “show not connected”? I guess that would be hard to do, but just thinking here outside the box…lol

Anyway, great software and system. I absolutely love the way it works.


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Yeah thats a great question! I can ask our product team - its possible that because Twingate makes changes at a low level on the host machine, its attempting to use the same interface regardless of user account being logged in. Because Twingate is attempting to use the same interface on both accounts, it might cause a conflict (similar to two VPNs).