Windows Won't Connect to Network

Have TwinGate setup and working on a few other devices.

Tried to add an additional Windows client, at the “Connect to a Network” screen it spins for about 5 seconds then just stops, no error message or anything?

Do you happen to have any other VPN Client or DNS Filtering software running?

I do have PIA VPN and Tailscale installed, but I tried quitting and even uninstalling them and I still have the same trouble getting Twingate to join the network.

Strange, the computer has two drives dual boot, 1 Windows 10 and one Linux Mint.

Twingate works great on the Linux mint install on same machine, but won’t even get past the authentication on the Windows machine.

We have that problem if there is another account on a Windows computer. You have to make sure twingate is not running on another account.