Authorisation doesn't open in browser when clicking 'connect' on Windows desktop client

I have Twingate installed on a Windows 11 machine and it is not behaving the same as on other machines. It is a fresh install (also tried reinstalling). I click the Twingate icon in the taskbar, click ‘Join Network’, enter the network name, click ‘Join Network’ and I get the spinning blue circle. Usually, at this point, it would open a tab in Chrome with login options, but this tab is not opening.

I can get logs if required. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Hi there!

If you check in your services.msc application, do you see the Twingate rc service started and running?

The service not running is the typical cause of the behaviour you’re seeing.

If it is not running, please try to start it, and see if that changes the behaviour! If not, logs would go a long way in hopefully illustrating why the service itself won’t start.

I also recommend checking out our list of Known Incompatibilities to see if there’s anything obvious that may be conflicting with Twingate.

Let us know!



Thanks for the quick reply! I will look at this when the staff member is working from home next and get back to you