Twingate always on, but what about when on-prem?

does twingate client know to not connect when it is on a local on-prem network, inside the firewall?

Hey JM,

At this time we do not have anything specifically surrounding local network awareness in our clients. This is feedback we’ve heard quite frequently and is something we’re investigating.

In the interim, the suggested solution is that you Log Out & Disconnect from Twingate if you’re on the local network. I know this is a bit of a PITA, but for right now it’s what we have.

We are currently beta testing a feature that allows the client to establish a direct connection to a local connector/resource rather than using the relay network which can lead to much faster performance, and we’re hoping to have that rolled out on a wider term in the near future.

As soon as it is something that is universally live I’ll be sure to let you know.

Thanks for the feedback!


Hi Arthur, thanks for the reply.

id like to see something that is hopefully AD aware (ie, picking up subnet info from sites and services). maybe a compromise would be that we could configure local known on-prem networks in the twingate admin console, and the client would not automatically start up when DHCP configures a known trusted network.