Twingate local network connections

Hello, I just deployed Twingate on my local network. When testing, remotely, I can connect to everything I need.
When I access resources while connected to the local network they are on, my requests are still routed through twingate connectors, and are not sent directly to the resource.

When deploying the connectors, I have checked the “connector available on local network” checkbox, although I am not sure whether I understand it right.

Is there an option to connect directly to resources when on local network, without having to disconnect Twingate?

Thank you in advance for your support.


We’re currently in the process of updating our clients and connectors to prioritize local traffic locally (ie don’t route connections to local IPs over Twingate if the subnet matches), but for right now, you would need to log out and disconnect from Twingate in order to avoid this behaviour from happening.

The “Make Connector available on local network” toggle in the docker config just tweaks the way the container runs so that it shares an IP with the host device it’s running on. This can make it easier to facilitate peer-to-peer connections however the Twingate connector is still involved in the process.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.



Hello. I wanted to see if this is still the current state of things. I have a Zabbix server on one network with a connector (net1). I have another network with a connector (net2) and would like for this network to be able to send data back to the Zabbix server on net1. If I install the client on the device in net2, it is able to send data to the Zabbix server but of course can no longer talk to local resources on net2. The same is true for the Zabbix server - if I install the client on it, it will talk to net2 but the assets on net1 can no longer talk to it.
Just wanted to see if there was a way around this.
Thank you.