Twingate interferes with local network of home institution

I work at two institutions, from an office at institution1. I am connected to that local network, and network drives etc. are automatically mounted.
I need to access a pc at institution2, and for that I use twingate. This works fine, I can access that pc, but when i am authenticated with Twingate, I loose access to my network storage of institution1.
Whats more, if I reboot, it takes forever because the pc cannot reach the domain of institution1, so I am waiting 10 minutes to shutoff (watching the message “Applying Group Policy Registry policy”, and then 10 minutes to boot again (looking at “Please wait for the User Profile Service”).

Is there a way to configure Twingate to just use it to access this one pc at instituion2, and not get another DNS controller (?) and group policy effects.
Thanks a lot, Rick

I have the same problem, it looks like Twingate creates static routes to all our resources. For that you can not access your local resourses if they are listed as Twingate’s resources until you manually delete this static routes.

Please Twingate team help us to solve this.

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@Twingaters any thoughts on this?