Allow laptops connected via Twingate to be accessible with PDQ Deploy\Inventory

Since we switched to Twingate we have noticed that all laptops that are connected to Twingate are no longer pingable or reachable from our in house PDQ server. Not sure how this can be implemented but I would be thoroughly delighted if it could be.

Hi MParlett,

I apologize, I am not familiar with PDQ at all. Does this run an agent on the laptops that checks in with a central server? Is that central server defined as a Twingate resource? Is there any other communication that happens between Server and Laptop besides Ping that is successful, or is there no apparent connection?

Let me know!


I second this feature request. We use PDQ Deploy and Inventory for to facilitate install of business-wide tools, windows updates etc. Inventory is synched via AD and uses ICMP, SMB protocols to communicate. It is agentless using WMI etc to get details. Link here: We use the on-prem agentless versions but i believe there are also cloud/agent based versions as well.