Slow Sage connection when using Twingate


We have recently implemented Twingate into our business and have our Sage server configured as a resource within Twingate with all ports currently open. I have been made aware by our accountants that at times twingate will either fail to connect to sage or when the connection is made it is very slow.

I was wondering if anyone can tell me if they have had a similar thing? Sage obviously uses services on the server and accesses company data files stored on their too so maybe twingate is slow connecting to these? or maybe our connection directly to the server is slow?

Any help is appreciated.


Just to follow on from this we have:

  • Checked the correct ports are open
  • ensured the users have the correct access
  • Checked the resource settings which are all correct
  • Checked broadband speeds on both office & users home, both are above 40mb

Hi @Kieran welcome to the community. Is the SAGE server in an active directory domain or located on a Domain Controller?

Additionally, what is the name of your tenant?

our tenant is

As for the server it is not a domain controller or in an active directory domain this server only runs sage and has sage files stored on it.

ok when you attempt to access the Sage server, i believe the client installs itself and sets up a shortcut to the executable and data files. What is that pointing to \sageserver\data_path or some other resource (e.g \IP_ADDRESS\data_path)?

I have tried using both the server DNS name & IP address to the data path. sometimes the accountant has no issues and she can work on Sage no problem however at any other given time the connection can be made but it is so slow it is impossible to work with.

I had a user that also reported a sometimes slow connection. The issue seems to resolve itself when I added a 2nd connector in my office.

We already have 2 connectors configured for the office and the issue is still persisting

I have an opening in my schedule tomorrow between 12:-00-13:00 tomorrow. Are you available then? If so, I will send you a meeting invitation and we can review together.

Hi Chris, Sorry I was on annual leave do you have any availability this week?

I do. How does 10a (Central Time) tomorrow sound?

Hi Chris,

Thats okay with me if you could please send me a meeting invite.


Yes I can. Please email me at with your contact email so the invite does not end up in the forum thread.