Access to sites outside of Twingate seem very slow/proxied

We have been using Twingate for about 6 months now and just rolled it out to our full team. We have noticed in the last 2 weeks increased slowness or things not loading on sites not routing though Twingate.
When Twingate is running we see things like broken or missing images on Instagram, slow file uploads to Gsuite or DropBox (by slow we are talking same file goes from 15 minutes with Twingate on to 1 minute with it off). If we turn Twingate off on the client these issues instantly go away. We have conducted this test on multiple networks and multiple machines. I have verified that none of those sites are loaded in Twingate. I assume I made a configuration error somewhere. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Blair,

Because Twingate is Split-Tunnel by default, we normally will not be involved in any traffic that is NOT directed at a defined Twingate resource, so it’s very unlikely that we’re deliberately intercepting/affecting traffic.

Are your users remote or are they in a central location?

Probably the easiest way to see what’s happening (if possible), would be to have a specific user attempt say, a dropbox update or instagram load, and then if it’s slower/broken, have a look at what you see for Activity underneath that user in the Twingate Admin panel. This may show you requests to particular Twingate resources you don’t think should be involved, which may lead you to the culprit(s).

Let me know if you’re still unable to track down what’s going on.



Thanks for the quick reply Arthur,
I would expect the same and thus my question.
We are seeing the same issue(s) from multiple locations. We can recreate the issue with regularity, on multiple machines from multiple networks. I will watch the logs a little closer and see if there is any traffic bound for the Twingate connection when one of those is called and get back to you.