Connections all routing through relays, even if I'm on the same network as the connector

Hi all,

I just set up Twingate because zero tier and tailscale both have issues. I have a NAS and my ISP is really locked down, only allowing CGNAT. I also can’t change routers but my house is too big for theirs so I’m stuck behind double nat as well. I keep hearing that twingate just works even with cgnat or whatever.

I got connected off my netowrk and on my network and all is working well, but all my connections are listed as “relay”.

Are there any bandwidth limits or speed restrictions or anything on the relays? is there any way to fix this?

Hey Monk,

If you’re in a CGNAT/Double NAT situation, you’ll likely always be forced to a relay connection because Twingate won’t be able to facilitate a direct peer to peer connection with your network environment.

There’s no usage/bandwidth restrictions on relay traffic, but in a relay scenario, you’re going from your Client > Over the internet to our closest Relay cluster and then down to your connector and into your local network, so depending on where you are relative to the relay cluster, etc, you could see some impact to your throughput and latency. Generally relay only traffic will max out around a sustained 250-300mbps.

We’re currently working on a feature that will allow for direct connectivity when you’re on the same network as the connector, but for right now, if you’re on the same network as the connector and unhappy with performance, we recommend logging out & disconnecting from Twingate until you’re remote again.