Slow Download/Upload Speed

At first I wanted to use Twingate for routing all network traffic, but when I did and did a speed test my download speeds were awful. I’m talking like 3mb/s when both my local and remote networks have gigabit internet.

So I decided that I wasn’t going to do that. So then I was testing the upload/download speed to my nas which I added by mapping the network drive to my File Explorer and that was still just as bad. I removed the “*” and “” resources prior to testing so I knew the traffic was not going through my ISP to reach the network drives.

Can anyone help me figure out why my speeds are so slow. Currently in Bahrain and NAS is in U.S East. Is it possible that its just the distance thats causing the speeds with the Latency?

Thanks in Advance – Ryan

It could be a combination of a few factors, your closest Twingate relay is in Tel Aviv, so there’s a bit of distance there, and then you’re going across the pond in a big way. Are you able to test “direct” connection from your location there to the NAS to see if you get much better speeds? We normally expect a small impact to performance but this sounds awfully severe.