Performance/speed over cellular network

Hi, I have Verizon 5G speeds of around 130down/50up. I am able to connect to my cameras but within 10 seconds of live stream video, the traffic speeds drop and I am unable to view the video again. It seems as if the connection gets throttled down. I have no issues when I connect with OpenVPN. I have two connectors and 1Gb fiber. Any ideas? thanks.

Hey Alex,

Do you have anything else you’re able to test the bandwidth with (file transfer, etc) and is it also slowing down/not near your max?

Looking at your configuration, I do see that both of your connectors show Endpoint Dependent NAT which means that you’re unable to successfully utilize true p2p over Twingate and it is instead routing through our relay network, which may be part of the problem.

This could be a setting on your home firewall, or on the verizon network, but I’m curious to hear if it’s a universal slowness or just for the video feeds.

As well, when things slow down, if you close whatever app you’re using to view the video, and re-open it, does it speed up again or stay slow?



Hey Arthur,
Thank you for your quick reply. So I ran some more tests last night and checked the firewall. So the issue seems to be on my phone when connected with the twingate app and only when video streaming my cameras… I installed the client on my windows laptop, hotspot to my phone and had no issues. Stablished a ping -t and never dropped traffic. I was able to stream my cameras. I tried my phone alone again, stablish a ping -t and I was able to keep RDP session to my VM. But the moment I opened of my cameras (Hckvision,Wyze), all traffic drops within 5 seconds of streaming. I don’t have this issue with OpenVPN. Any ideas???

Traffic in my firewall seems ok. I did see some entries regarding relay.twingate. How to I view the logs on the twingate app?

Thank You!

Are you using an Android or iOS device?

Im so sorry I forgot to include this. Up to date iPhone iOS.

Hey Arthur,

Any news about this issue I am having? I really want to make sure this will work for me before I move on to a paid plan. Thanks.