Twingate network capability

hi everyone,i have a doubt,if i install twingate on a system in my network that has fast ethernet (100 Mbps) and if i connect to my network from outside to other computers in the network that has gigabit ethernet (1 Gbps) thru that twingate will my connection will be limited by that fast ethernet or will i be able to access the local network in gigabit speeds ?

Hi @sam0110, thanks for reaching out! Potentially yes - although there are a number of factors to consider with performance. What resources are you trying to access that would be of concern for the 100 Mbps speeds?

  • Connection type - A peer-to-peer connection is going to be the most performant and depends on STUN discovery availability and firewalls configured to not block outbound ports (443, 30000-31000 TCP & UDP)
  • Least performant connection - You could be limited to the least performant connection if your client is on a device that supports 1 Gbps but where the connector is deployed has a connection of 100 Mbps
  • Resource needs - If the resource you are trying to connect to is over the public internet, you will likely be limited by the speeds of the public internet.