Mac on Hotel Wifi - Twingate icon not visible

On home network, the icon appears in the mac status bar just fine. I can click on it and choose login/quit, etc. Recently, in a hotel with a captive portal for wifi login, the icon disappeared from the status bar. Twingate was running, and the VPN configuration was still in settings. Without the icon I could not log into my network and get connected. Traffic to the network resources defined in my network did not trigger the login.

The only way I could get connected was to a) uninstall Twingate, reboot b) Connect to the hotel wifi, enter the captive portal creds, etc. c) reinstall Twingate and run through the setup. That seemed to prompt a login to access my defined twingate network and it would stay connected. The status bar icon never did reappear while on the hotel wifi, but upon returning home, the icon is there just fine. The hotel required re-authentication to their wifi network daily, so I had to repeat the above process every time I was required to log into the hotel wifi. Annoying…

The camera notch at the top of the screen was NOT blocking the icon from appearing; there is plenty of space on my status bar.

Mac OS Sonoma 14.1.2
16GB M1 Pro

Any ideas what the prroblem might have been?

Also, trying to force a connection by going to the VPN Settings and toggling the connection to On failed. The toggle switch would jump right back to disconnected and not bring up the login browser.