Stale route table entry, even after reboot

I’ve been running into an issue for several months where, perhaps only when my laptop goes to sleep while connected to twingate, the route in my routing table for the local network via the laptop (i.e., via Twingate) doesn’t get cleaned up and I need to manually remove it to get access to local resources when I’m back on the local network. The route persists after reboot, so I’m guessing Twingate should create the route as non-permanent?

hi @djradon,

the routing table should clear as soon as you logout and disconnect from the Twingate Client (including after your computer wakes from sleep). Is there a chance you are on Windows and using the “Quit” option instead of the “Log out and Disconnect” button in the Client?

Sorry about the delay, this just happened again. Yes I am on Windows. I think what is happening is that my laptop is automatically restarting for Windows updates. I think it’d be great to have at least the option of making the route non-persistent.

But I’m also curious, why would “Quit” leave the route in place? I think most people would expect that quitting the client would clean the route up as well.

Hi @djradon,

the Quit vs Log out & Disconnect is because the Windows Client is designed to still be able to run even if the UI component of it is not running. That’s why it’s attached to a Service on Windows: it allows customers to implement SBL which involves the Client being able to connect to Resources even if the user has not yet logged into their device.