Connector cannot access resources

I have Twingate installed on a Linux VM using VirtualBox on Windows 10. It accesses three different resources on the Windows system and has been working fine for almost a year.

Last week I noticed I could no longer access any of the resources while away from home. The admin page says resources and connector are OK. I have one connector deployed.

I have tried removing a resource and reinstalling it. It did not help and in fact after reinstalling the resource it has not reappeared on the resource list of the iPhone client even though it shows as normal on the admin page.
I followed through the steps in the " Unable to access a Resource" article but could not find any problems.
Here is a screenshot of one of the recent activity list items:

Any suggestions appreciated.

This is telling you the connector cannot access that IP using that protocol.
Can you ssh into the vm and see if you can access .31 from that VM?
This will verify the machine the connector is on hasn’t somehow lost connector or configuration.

You can add the VM as a resource itself OR just do so locally (this problem should occur when you are local as well as remote since Twingate is grabbing the connection to that resource when running).

Thanks for the quick response.

I accessed the VM running the Twingate connector and installed iputils-ping. I could then successfully ping both …31 as well as the home assistant server on …90.

After testing that I tried again to access Home Assistant from the companion app on my iPhone (via cell data) and it failed saying no network connection. But I also tried accessing it via from Safari on the iPhone and I was able to connect. I checked the companion app again which is set to access the same address and it would still not connect. The connection details for the successful connections from Safari are:

That Safari connection has now been active for 17 minutes so I do not understand why the details say it disconnected and shows duration of 5 seconds.

The unsuccessful connection attempts from the Home Assistant companion do not show up in the activity list.
The Home Assistant resource is set to restrict TCP/UDP to port 8123. I tried also setting it with no restrictions and the client would still not connect.

If I enable WiFi on the iPhone the companion app connects on the local network immediately.

And the Jellyfin server on which I added as a resource, and shows up as connected on the admin page still does not show up on the iPhone client.

I found out why the Jellyfin server that I had added as a resource did not show up on the client list. I had neglected to select an access to add it to.

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Still don’t know what caused the problem to begin with but I was able to get all resources back on line by either deleting the app on the client device and reinstalling or just deleting the server info the app was trying to access and reinstalling.