Resource webpage not loading when using Twingate

When I open the web interface of one of my WiFi APs when Twingate is disconnected (and I’m connected to the local network) its web UI opens fine and I can login and change settings.
However, when I use Twingate to access it (either remotely or when on the same LAN) I simply get a blank white page, but the title bar and favicon of the web interface in the browser tab switcher still work. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? All my other Resources work fine through Twingate, it’s just this one device.

I have tried removing all port/protocol filters; that didn’t fix it so I have reverted back to only allowing TCP port 80.

What brand of AP are you using? If that brand uses a virtual controller, it might be redirecting to another device or perhaps a different port.

I’m using a TP-Link AP with no controller, it’s all managed through its own web interface. I did try turning off all the tcp/udp/icmp filters in Twingate and it didn’t help.