Data speed issues when using Starlink

I have twingate working fine going through the Stargate CGnat. I have a NVR that I can now direct access. I have a remote radio as well at this site and can access it no issue. The issue is the data rate. I get around 200mbs download and upload of around 20mbs. Controlling the radio is no issue as of course that is the downlaod side but getting the information back is very crappy. It seems like there is a funnel squeeze for the information coming back. I get stacato audio and very slow spectrum scope. I need a minimun of about 6 to 10mbs coming back. The ping to the IP at the remote site over Starlink is acceptable at between 80 and 120ms. Does any of the data go through the Rasp Pi? is a Pi 4 with heaps of memory. All of my routers and switches at the remote site are gigabit network. At the Starlink speeds I should be getting much better performance on my return path. Any suggestions or knowledge would be appreciated. I have just the one controller in the system at the remote site and all the internet gear is TPLink Omada system