CGNAT and Unifi VPN

UniFi Network with l2tp VPN clients was working perfectly until we switched to residential package of starlink. Twingate is the closest option I’ve had to getting VPN working but no cigar. Tested the package on another ISP and worked perfectly with docker then replicated the same exact settings and put it behind the CGNAT router and it will not connect. Obviously everyone knows there is no port forwarding with the CGNAT starlink router but seeing as twingate is outbound only to initialize the ports what is the missing ingredient to make this work?

Hi Sticky,

I would like to know that solution too. I was led to believe that one of the USPs of Twingate is that it works with CGNAT:
Deploying Connectors | Docs | Twingate
We are considering consumer 5g and Starlink options for our backup internet connection at our main office so when the main fibre internet connection fails we still have our remote users able to access resources.

Hi Sticky,

Are you talking about having the Twingate Client or the Connector (or both) behind Starlink?

If you could post or send the relevant logs for Client, Connector or Both I can take a look and see what might be happening.

Unfortunately nobody within the org has a Starlink setup so I can’t do any internal testing.

Thanks for your assistance!


I got it to work! I saw some other articles on here about time sync and that was the answer?! I needed to change the group policy of my windows servers to be more intrusink with Windows time as they were off by 45 to 50 seconds once I did that and got it in true time sync with International time clocks it just connected! I’m so freaking happy!

That’s fantastic!

It seems to always be the time sync issues - unfortunately due to the nature of the authentication involved it doesnt take much more than a 5 second clock drift to make things go bork, but I’m glad to hear you got it sorted out.

Because (at least at this time) Starlink + Twingate is a relatively unexplored use case, I’d love if you could pop back in after a few weeks and let me know how the experience is going! (I tried to get the company to pay for Starlink for me but they said no! :wink: )



got it working. it was just a clock sync issue on Server hosting the DOcker instance.

That’s great to hear :slight_smile: