Only using Relay Connection

Hi everyone. I have a internet via ATT fiber with their gateway in-between my UDM PRO SE. When I first setup Twingate to test, I was able to make direct connections. Now, none of my connectors are making direct connections to any client. I have tried on multiple internet connections and they all go thru the relay, adding latency. My plan is to use this for secure access to remote desktop but anything that isn’t a direct connection adds latency.

Is double-nat causing this issue? Any help will be appreciated.

Hi @princelightskin, can you check the connector in your Admin Console and let us know what it says under Stun Discovery. If the connector can make a P2P connection it should show as Available:

It does say available.

Ok, interesting - in that case p2p connection should work unless there is maybe a timeout issue. Can you check client logs - we would initally be looking for lines like should_fallback_from_direct_connect: direct connect is unavailable for at least 202 ms while relay transport is available to indicate if it is timeout related.

Then lines like:
token-state: Valid, relay: (Connected, Synced), direct: (Connecting, Outdated)
showing the status of relays and direct connection.
If direct connection succeeds we would see:
token-state: Valid, relay: (Connected, Synced), direct: (Connected, Synced)

I’m wondering if you got anywhere with this issue?

I am evaluating Twingate and I am having a similar issue. I have connector deployed on a RHEL 9 VM behing a Linux router/firewall. STUN is showing available on my connector.

I am running the latest connector and latest MacOS client.

All traffic appears to be relayed, my latency is 3x higher vs OpenVPN and Tailscale.

I have the same issue as well. Not able to solve it.