Roon Arc Not connecting outside of lan


I thought I had solved my long time problem.

I have a 5g sim with cgnat and have tried to use Twingate to get around the issue outside of my network.

It doesnt work.

I have qnap nas running roon core.


did you deploy a connector on your QNAP NAS? is the install not working or something else?

Yea I deployed it by watching a few YouTube vids. And at first it basically worked a bit. But the connection speed was very slow. Then it my app wouldn’t work anymore.

Could you give us a bit more detail? what resource are you trying to access behind Twingate? what is not working? is the Connector not coming up at all? or is it crashing frequently?

If you can share a bit more context, I am sure we can help!

It works but is intermittent and the connection is slow and unrealyable