Can't sign in on android app

Installed latest twingate app on Samsung Note20, android version 13. When I get to the sign in page that is supposed to launch the web browser, the browser never launches.

Hey John,

What is the Default Browser set to on your phone?


Thank you for the quick response. The current default browser on the phone is Google Chrome. I did try to switch it back to the samsung browser and that did not make a difference. I have also tried to uninstall and reinstall the Twingate app with no luck.

That’s interesting. Is your device rooted or modified in any way?

No not at all. I do have another VPN that I run with OpenVPN but I turn that off when I am trying to use Twingate. I also went as far as completely removing my other VPN but it did not help. One thing I thought about as I was typing was to uninstall and reinstall chrome. I am trying that now.

When I tap “Sign in to connect” it briefly flashes a connecting box like it is trying to launch the browser but immediately closes. I am figuring it is something with my phone as I haven’t seen this issue reported anywhere else. I was hoping that you may have an alternate way to sign on. Maybe a manual link?

I have seen this kind of behaviour before but it was in a much older version of the application and related to non-standard default browsers (Opera/etc).

I myself have a Galaxy S22 Ultra and just tried to log in and had no issues… So there must be something causing a hiccup. Can you confirm you’re installing the latest version of the Twingate app?

I am getting it directly from the play store, app version reports as 2023.333.19893+19893.

This will sound mega silly, but have you tried rebooting your phone after you uninstalled OpenVPN?

Wow, that actually worked. First rule of troubleshooting, turn it off and then back on, duh. For some reason the Twingate VPN request must of not been getting through, even after deleting the openvpn profile. Restarting after deleting the profile must of cleared any weirdness. Thank you for your help.

Classic IT Troubleshooting wins again! Glad you’re sorted out. Thanks for using Twingate!