Android connection drops every time I swipe down notification drawer

I have setup a docker container on a Raspberry Pi 4 alongside the Twingate connection and am attempting to use a Android device as the client using the Twingate app. I am able to sign in and start the connection and reach the resources added. However, every time I close an application or swipe down on the notification drawer, the Twingate connection drops, in which I then I need to authenticate again to connect back to the network. Is this a known feature or a bug? Running Android 13 with latest security patches. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

hi @Jopo97,

very strange behavior indeed. When you say the connection drops whenever you close an app, do you mean ANY app? Does it force you to reauthenticate every time?

Yes any application I close when connected causes the connection to drop and I need to re-authenticate each time

This is definitely abnormal behavior. What device is running your Android 13 OS? I can check if I see similar issues with other users but this is not one we have come across at first glance.

I am using a OnePlus 8T running OxygenOS 13.1/Android 13 with the latest security patches and all applications up to date