Issue Joining Network

After client installation the join network box pops up. We put in the network name and hit join. Spins for a bit and just goes back to join.

Hey Greg,

The most common causes of this sort of thing are one of two issues:

  1. There’s a DNS error and the hostname can’t be resolved correctly (this could be because it’s being blocked by a DNS Filter/EDR solution on the machine(s) in question - in a lot of DNS Filtering solutions Twingate is blocked in the “VPN” category. If you’re able, you can check for * in your DNS Filter logs and potentially add an exception if it appears to be the case.

  2. There’s a SSL error occurring because of a third party EDR/MDM solution on your machine or your network that’s doing deep packet inspection/SSL replacement. If this is potentially the case, adding an exception for * will likely resolve the issue.

If it’s neither of these things, can you please post a screenshot of the connection screen when it’s failed for you.



It would not let me post it. If this gets to you here is a video of it happening. I will check those things out. Unfortunately its on a user that’s remote in another companies network so it may take some time to sort it all out.

(Attachment Welcome to Twingate 2023-08-23 10-59-17.mp4 is missing)

You can email it to me directly at arthur (at) to get around being unable to post.


So it appears the service didn’t auto start on reboot. Went in and started it and it connected right up. Will have to see if there are any events in the log as to why it hadn’t started.

I’m glad to hear you got it figured out. It’s definitely odd that the service didn’t start, and I have given some feedback to my product team to potentially either A) handle this from the client so it’s not an issue or B) at least give a clear indication as to what’s happening so that the confusion doesn’t occur.