Connectors on a Raspberry pi - speed of TwinGate limited by Rpi cpu or LAN?

I’m looking to trial TwinGate - but the only linux machine I have handy is a raspberry pi 3B+ which is already running pi-hole.

I’m trying to understand what the controller is responsible for i.e. will the network speed of all devices be limited by a slow cpu on the Rpi? And will the 100Mbps LAN speed on the Pi throttle down the Gbit network and WAN speed that the other machines are running at?

Or is the controller just there to point the traffic? i.e. it doesn’t need much cpu power and traffic isn’t going to pass through the pi to get to its destination… in which case it’s ok to use…

Thanks for your help

Reading the support docs (in full - apologies) - I think this answers my question:

In general, the host that the Connector is running on should be optimized for, in decreasing order of importance: * Network bandwidth, * Memory, * CPU

I’ve shifted things around to a VM running Ubuntu on a fast server and it runs perfectly.