Synology HyperBackup

Has anyone been able to use Synology HyperBackup to a remote Synology NAS using TwinGate?

Hi @username9876,

For this to work, you would need to install the Twingate Headless Client on your primary Synology NAS, have you tried?

I know there is now support for ARM CPUs for the headless client but I also know the linux core Synology uses as a basis for DSM is pretty stripped down so unsure it can be done…

I’ve been wondering the same thing and not finding an answer I started poking around. I have no clue, yet, if this will work because #1 I don’t know Linux (I’m an IBM Mainframer) and can just follow directions and #2 both my master and backup NAS are at the same location.

Since Twingate provides a Linux client I used Synologys Virtual Machine Manger to create a Ubuntu Linux VM. From there I was able to get Twingate client installed. Using Twingate terminal commands I was able to sign into the Twingate service. I verified I was signed in by checking the Twingate admin console.

Using the ‘Twingate resources’ command I see both of my resources that I have defined but they show up as ‘not authorized’. So I used the ‘twingate auth’ command and they then show authorized for 4 days. I figured I should be able to ping the addresses of the NAS from Linux but it can’t find them.

So I’m not sure where I’m at. It will be a little while before I can get my backup NAS relocated to my other place and I can test it out. At least using Twingate I will be able to remotely access the backup to make any adjustments.

So for those that know more about this than I does this approach show any signs of success?



As a followup to my previous post I’ve made some progress.

I added a different router to my network switch to create a totally separate network where I could isolate my backup Synology NAS, DS-Backup -

As I mentioned previously I created a VMM Ubuntu machine where I installed Twingate Linux client. From the client I see that I’m authorized to the resource DS-Backup. When I Ping I get no response.

Going to the Ubuntu GUI I opened Firefox and typed in the address, and sure enough I was able to sign into DS-Backup.

My assumption going into this was that if I can define a client on my Synology NAS that all of the applications on the NAS will have access to the resource via the VMM client. That assumption did not hold true since I’m only able to access DS-Backup from the VM that has the client installed.

So now I’m wondering if there is a way to get Hyper Backup access to DS-Backup thru the client VM, like I said before I’m not fluent in Linux.

I’m also trying to get this to work with Docker. I created a Ubuntu Docker container and got the Twingate client installed to run headless. But when I start it it doesn’t start:

root@ubuntu1:/# sudo twingate start
Starting Twingate service in headless mode
Twingate has been started
Waiting for status…

So I’m kinda stuck there but this begs the question of if I can get the client running will this client give me the access to run Hyper Backup.