Access to Synology Shared Folders

Hi, trying out Twingate and have no problem creating resources that have a specific port (like Plex, Synology admin, etc.) when outside my network.

However, I have some Synology NAS shared folders that I have mapped as network drives in Windows (Win11 in my case). I created a Twingate resource for the NAS and left with all access to TCP and UDP. But when opening Explorer, cannot access my mapped drives. Obviously when I get back to using my home network connection, the mapped drives resolve.

How can I set up a Twingate resource so I can see my mapped Synology NAS folders while outside my home network?


Hi @surfcoders, I think what to look for on this issue is what address you gave the resource in Twingate and whether Windows is connecting using the same name. In other words, are you using DNS name or IP address for both?

Hi @Emrul , thanks for replying. Was able to solve the problem. In order to use mapped drives, I needed to first map my NAS folder using IP, not the server name. For example, I mapped \\folder instead of \NAS\folder. The I created the Twingate resource using CIDR. I also restricted TCP using ports 137,138,139, and 445 (for SMB), and block UDP and ICMP. Works like a champ!

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Amazing, thank you @surfcoders!!