Two Networks talk to each other


About a week ago i discovered Twingate and so far - it is SUPER amazing!

Let’s say i have Network#1 and Network#2
Network#1 =
Network#2o =

Is it possible to setup Twingate in such a way that NAS_1 can access NAS_2 and other way around?
Basically all devices in Network#1 can talk with Network#2 both ways.

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I don’t think that will work, unless perhaps you are able to install twingate on each of your NAS boxes and create the appropriate resources in the Twingate admin console.


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Hi themrp,

You could potentially do something like this, but it would depend on the networks at both end - we have a general site-to-site connection guide here which may help point you in the right direction.

Hope that helps!




Tank you!

This looks like a solution for me.

well I guess I should used search in the docs, I could have swore I had seen all the various documents and how-tos already. Be interesting to set this up in place of my S2S IPSec tunnel, though I suspect the limitations may still be the firewalls themselves.

This wasn’t my problem or question but the more I use Twingate the more I move off my other solutions I’ve used ZeroTier for ever and this is way easier!