Linking sites with Twingate

Tailscale is beginning to frustrate me with how it manages subnet router failover. Does Twingate have the ability to accept connections initiated on the local network at the connector, deliver them to another connector, and thus link two remote subnets without the servers at either end having any knowledge of twingate? Is this still compatible with the clustering that twingate advertises on this page? I have mostly edgerouters and would like to use the load balancing on them to balance traffic destined for a remote subnet between 2 or more twingate connectors.

Hey Charles,

Apologies for the delay in response.

We don’t have this functionality built directly into the connectors - but you could very easily set up headless clients on both ends so that they can both communicate.

We go into that in more detail here: Site to Site example

Please let me know if this helps or if I’ve completely lost the plot.



Headless clients just connect the device that it’s installed on to the network right? I can’t install software on IOT devices, Azure private endpoints, ESXi hosts, etc. I’m just looking for a solution that can connect remote networks and provide remote access to those networks.