Qnap to Qnap backup with Twingate


I’ve searched online and was unable to find an answer, so I figured I’d post it here.

I have two QNAP’s, one at home (primary) and a secondary in my external office, which I’d like to back up to using the standard HBS. I cannot setup port forwarding at my office location and I was told that Twingate could be a great solution for putting both devices on the same network.

I’m not great with this kind of tech networking and so I can’t seem to figure how to make this work myself. The only help guide for QNAP on the twingate site is for something else. Could somebody please advise if what I am trying to achieve is possible, and how to get it done?

Help is much appreciated!

Hi @pixel! Have you tried deploying a connector and client together (possibly docker using host network) on each QNAP similar to our site-to-site guide? Might be what you are looking for.