Starter plan free or not?

I/m currently using the Starter plan with 5 users. However my credit card was just charged. Am I missing something here?

The Starter plan is free and you shouldn’t be charged for using it. If you can follow up with us at billing (at) we can look into what could have happened here.

When you downgrade your tenant to starter, you may have received an invoice in your email for $0. You can double check that invoice to make sure it’s $0.

Is it possible you just saw a card verification charge? This would be a very small charge (≤ $1.00) that is immediately canceled. Our payment processor sometimes performs this step to validate the credit card that you’ve entered.

Hi Alexb,
I actually was charged $16.67 on my credit card. I received an email from the product team and I responded with screenshots of the payment and my current plan and domain info.

Can you send that same information to billing (at) They’re best equipped to handle it for you.

I’ve sent all the necessary info to billing as suggested.