No response from Twingate's billing(at)twingate on monthly charges ($16.67) to Credit Card for Starter Plan

I’m thinking the TOPIC may get more attention than my past posts/queries.
If you want to get some traction with your product service offerings, you need to at least be responsive to simple queries in a reasonable timeframe.

  1. I use the Twingate Starter Plan - supposedly free
  2. You charged my credit card $16.67 for item 1) above
  3. I placed 2 queries in this forum and was suggested to send it to billing(at)
  4. Did as suggested - twice. No response to date
  5. I anticipate you’ll charge my credit card another $16.67 this month and still no response from you
    Very disappointing AND not cool guys!

Hi @erad,

I would like to apologize to you for the lack a faster follow up here. I have asked our team to expedite a resolution for you, they will reach out to you today on the email address of the Administrator account registered for your Twingate tenant.

Hi @erad,

After getting the escalation team together, it looks like we weren’t able to link your initial request to the right Twingate tenant (the email address associated to your user pointed the team to a different tenant than the one with a billing issue) but the team has identified where your issue is and is working towards a speedy resolution, I believe they either just reached out to you via email or are about to.

thank you!