Remove IdP from account

I signed up for twingate and during the trial window and connected my Azure AD tenant for authentication.

The trial ended and since I was using this on my home network the free plan was sufficient for my needs. However, the paid Business Plan supports usage of the IdP.

It looks like I have now way to disconnect the IdP

I am unable to open a Support Request as per your terms below, so I have come here for assistance.

Starter, Teams, and trial Business accounts are not entitled to raise Support Requests. This channel of support is exclusive to active Business or Enterprise subscriptions. Starter, Teams, and trial Business accounts will be unable to sign into the Twingate Help Center. We encourage such accounts to utilize the Self Service Resources below or post on the Twingate Forum.

I am alerting our support team to assist.

Hi Anthony,

I can remove the IdP from your account, it will delete the other user account on your tenant and you’ll need to re-add them with social auth. I’ll get this taken care of shortly.



That would be great, thank you for replying

Anthony Di Virgilio