Basic considerations for new users i don't clearly understand

hi everyone
i am just discovering twingate for my homelab and a bunch of servers i have and i am really exited about this new app

however, i have had many questions regarding the functionality to completely understand how it works, most of which i have already found the answer, however, i’m here to ask the last two i still dont get to understand

  1. starter plan: when i go to my network → policies, the Minimum Authentication Requirements forces me to re-authenticate every device every 31 days (cant be more), it is kind of annoying since i have some VMs from one server that connects to other servers located in other places and i dont want to “re-authenticate” every 31 days, this should be ment to work without touching anything. is there any way to get rid of this? i may not be available when the 31th day ticks to “re-authenticate” and i dont want to get services go down just because of this
  2. again starter plan: under network->settings my account says
    “Device Limits
    2 devices per user
    Upgrade to Teams for 5 devices per user”
    however when i go to “devices” i see that i already managed to connect 4 devices using my same google account. is there something i am missunderstanding?

apoligize for my caveman english

#2 I believe you start with business trial account (look on the bottom of any Twingate account web page, I believe you’ll see the plan and time remaining)

i disabled it because i am testing the service and i want to know if it will work after 15 days… i am using the starter plan

  1. You can use a service key combined with a headless client for services that need to connect programmatically.
  2. You won’t lose access to any devices that have already connected.

thank you for your response!

Hi everyone!

btw, for those interested in a bit of a shortcut / succinct guide for setting up Twingate in a homelab, this guide might be useful: How to protect your home lab | Docs

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