Why do you need my credit card

I am interested in Twingate for my work with a not for profit but want to test first. I click on the free plan and sign up and I discovered I am in a 14 day business trial. That’s not what I want, I want the free. So I went to billing in dashboard and select downgrade. I am asked for credit card details. If I’m getting a free licence, why do you need/want credit card info?

Hi Charles,

All new accounts default to a 14 day business trial. At the end of those 14 days, the system will downgrade you to “Starter” tier automatically with no extra interaction required.

The CC requirement is a limitation of the subscription/payment management system we use, however even if you were to put in a CC to downgrade your account, it would still remain in that 14 day trial until the end of that cycle, and THEN it would downgrade.

So the easiest approach is to just use Twingate as you normally would for the next two weeks and then it will automatically bump down to Starter for you.


Thanks for clearing up the confusion. I’ll get started testing.