RDP Dropping out

Hi there

I have the connector running on a VM in my network. Connecting internally via RDP to my desktop works fine, very quick.

Now, when connecting externally via TwinGate, it logs in, gets to the point where you can see running programs but then it drops out. Rinse and repeat.

Troubleshooting steps I’ve taken so far:

  1. Reboot VM running connector
  2. Reboot router/modem of internal network
  3. Reconnect laptop client to TwinGate
  4. Reboot laptop
  5. Reboot modem/router of external network

Same outcome still. Documentation doesn’t really cover much on this topic so I’m hoping someone here has had a similar issue and found a solution.


Can you verify you have both TCP and UDP enabled for that resource?

If you can also take a look at the connector logs there should be some insight in there as well.

I do this same thing. In fact the connector is running in the host that I am RDPing to. Windows 10 with Hyper V ubuntu VM running the connector.

Hi Jason,

Yes, TDP/UDP/IMCP all allowed.

Connector is running on a VMware VM on the system I’m trying to connect to but has it’s own internal IP address. I get notifications every couple of hours 6pm-9pm saying connection lost/restored as my connection yoyo’s during the early evening (joys of NBN!).

I’ll check the actual connectors log, for some odd reason that slipped my mind, thanks!

Attached is a screenshot of the log, maybe the connection being a bit unstable is causing it? It’s weird though because if I forward to RDP on the router (which I’m trying to avoid, hence trying TwinGate), it works fine.

Hi There,

The unstable connection shouldn’t be causing any particular issues. Just to be clear, if you RDP in, get disconnected right away, and then RDP in immediately again, you’re disconnected at more or less the same speed every time? (even if you try 5-10 times?) - if you could set your connector log level to debug as outlined here: https://help.twingate.com/hc/en-us/articles/4901034540189-Twingate-Connector-Logs and then try connecting via RDP a few times, and send in the generated connector logs to arthur@twingate.com I can have a look and discuss what might be going on with our dev team.

Hi Arthur,

Enabled debugging, tried to connect (hotspot from my phone as I’m on-site all day today). Same issue as a fixed connection.

Attached log file.


(Attachment twingate-vm_202305242225.log.gz is missing)

I’m interested in using TwinGate for a secure RDP connection as well, how did this situation end up?

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