Lost all the files on my desk after installed Twingate (Windows 10)

Hi! I need your help please! I have very big problems since I’ve downloaded Twingate to work for an Appen project , and I’ve lost many important files on my desk…all the files have disappeared! Only the apps stayed, but they changed. I’m sure I’ve lost all my files because of Twingate because I had to restart my computer after downloading Twingate, and when my computer restarted, the wallpaper changed, and all the apps as well (for example, before I had the app Netflix directly and now I can’t connect on the app, and I have new apps I didn’t have before, for example Whatsapp). Can you help me please? How can I find my computer as it was before installing Twingate? Thank you for your answer!

Hi @Micheline,

I strongly recommend reaching out to your IT team / IT support at Appen for help. The Twingate Client does not install any other application or access local files, delete files, etc.

By the way @Micheline , I am not aware of any specifics regarding Appen but it is possible that your computer joined the Appen domain once the Twingate Client was installed and that an Appen-specific policy was applied to your computer which itself could lead to extra applications being installed but that would not be because of the Twingate Client itself. Hopefully this is a bit helpful!

Hello @Bren
Thank you for your help, I’ve contacted Appen, but they can’t help me…
I’m so disappointed.

Hi @Micheline,

noted. I highly recommend a system scan using an antivirus then, the behavior around applications being added out of nowhere feels quite suspicious, unfortunately.