Installation issue on Windows 10

I am trying to install the package on Windows 10. I am able to install other packages so it is something with Twingate. These are the errors I am getting in the app logs:

Application: Twingate.Service.exe
Framework Version: v4.0.30319
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: Twingate.Client.Common.Windows.DeviceDetails.MachineIdGenerationException
at Twingate.Client.Common.Windows.DeviceDetails.ComputerIdProvider.GetMachineGuid()
at Twingate.Client.Common.Windows.DeviceDetails.ComputerIdProvider.GetId()
at Twingate.Client.WinService.Program.Main(System.String)

Any help would be appreciated

That’s very odd. I’ve never actually seen that message come up – I’ve got a request out to my client Team to see if I can get an answer on what it might be caused by.

If you uninstalll and reinstall, does the issue continue to occur? Are you using the MSI installer or the EXE installer?

Let me know!


I am having this same issue on a few different windows 10 devices. A dell laptop and a VM have both given me the same error. I see in the event log that the service gets installed and turned on, but then the very next event is a .NET error saying it timed out trying to reach the twingate service. Unfortunately the one laptop I was trying this on is no longer available to be until sometime around October. Next week I will try and get in with Quick Assist and troubleshoot some more. Does anyone else have information on this error yet?

I am reinstalling the windows VM currently that I had issues with previously and will report back ASAP.

Definitely let us know what you find mlab – we have’t really been able to recreate this so narrowing down what might be causing it is proving difficult.