Twingate Client Issue

Good day,

I am trialling the Twingate solution but having issues with the client running on Windows 11 latest build with all updates.

When installed the mouse cursor keeps freezing to the point I can’t use the computer, once I uninstall the software and reboot the mouse work as normal.

Has anyone else had the issue and is there a fix?


Hi Julian,

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of anything like this occurring.

When you say the mouse cursor freezes up - is it a matter of the entire system becoming taxed/overloaded and locking up? or if you use your keyboard to navigate/etc does everything still work as normal EXCEPT for the mouse?

Are you able to open task manager and see if anything is pinning your CPU usage?

I have the latest client running on two different W11 machines and I am unable to recreate anything resembling this issue.

Is there maybe another application on your machine that is directly conflicting with Twingate in some way and causing the issue you’re seeing?

Let me know.