Is this the only support route?

I’m seriously considering Twingate for my 150+ person organization, as from a tech perspective, I think it will work well. But one concern I’m seeing is that I see no “submit a ticket” in the web interface, or reference to a email. At a $10/user/month cost, I expect more than peer volunteers to address unexpected situations.

Is a public post in this forum our only route to support?
Do Twingate staff contribute to answers here? If yes, who are they?
I see no place to submit presales questions. Is there one?

Basically, I’m feeling good about the tech, but for the cost, I need to know I have official support to work with if something goes wrong. So far I can’t be confident that’s available.

I sure hope not, because if it is, 5 days without a simple yes, or “no, see also X” is enough reason to take a service off of our consideration list.

Hi Steve,

I apologize for the delay, for whatever reason your post got missed.

I am indeed a Twingate staff member and I am the main team member you’ll see responding on the forums, but a number of my other colleagues do try to contribute here when they have the cycles.

I do my best to monitor forums and answer questions as they come up, but unfortunately, from time to time things fall through the cracks, as it looks like happened with your initial message.

Our general support guidlines are outlined here.

Business tier plans do have access to support, and you should have a “Support” link in the upper right of your Dashboard which will let you submit tickets as required. (If you’re not seeing this, let me know and I can investigate what might be going on.)

We do also offer pre-sales implementation and configuration support to PoC/Trial customers via the email address – If you have any questions please feel free to submit them there (or here on the forums if you’re comfortable with them being public) and we’ll do our best to get them answered as soon as we can.

Again, I apologize for the experience up until now and it’s certainly not our norm or what you should expect

We definitely want to make sure Twingate stays on the consideration list, so let me know how I can help.



Hi Arthur,

I’m on my last day of business trial, and do see the Support link at top right. Destination I get from that is the public US support page at . I’m not seeing a ticket submission option there.
Noted about the onboarding address and only break/fix for paid accounts, thanks. Twingate has passed every test I’ve thrown at it so far, so I’m just getting things aligned for a potential future.
It’s the lack of an obvious “start a ticket here” path that brought on my concern and seeking clarification of the options here. “Post to the forum and hope the relevant folk(s) catch it” meets my expectations for a no cost option, but when justifying a new, optional, business expense, a direct route for support is expected, which I now see exists.

Glad to hear things look a little better now! Did you need me to extend out your trial for you? Let me know and I can get that taken care of.



Thanks, but I’ve tested all scenarios I can via using my household google domain as the IdP, so any extension is kicking the can down the road. If I get approval at work, it will be a different domain authenticating via Entra ID and Connectors set up in Azure.

When it rolls back to free, will I loose the ability to authenticate via Google? It is very handy for remote access to my personal NAS and the services it provides such as HomeAssistiant.

You should be good to keep using it. If you run into any issues let me know!