Forum Deprecation Notice

Hi Twingate community!

We wanted to share some important changes regarding our community and how we support everyone in it: we have decided to sunset our Forum starting March 7, 2024 (at which point it will go into read-only mode) and focus our efforts on our recently created (and staffed!) subreddit.

We want to be able to do more to help and support our community than our Forum is capable of delivering and that’s exactly why we are moving to reddit:

  • Better user experience: It turns out that lots of our users are already on reddit, exchanging and participating in other adjacent communities. Actively supporting our subreddit feels like a natural extension for most folks and doesn’t require yet another account or platform to navigate. Lots of our users are super smart and would love nothing more than to share their own experiences and tips: reddit is a more natural place for this to happen.
  • Better content sharing: Reddit gives us more control and flexibility around publishing educational & enablement content while making it all available to a broader audience: we have already published a full series of enablement videos there and we are only getting started! We also started releasing bite-sized videos to help people figure out how to best use new features in our platform (few people read product updates in emails these days, we get it.)
  • Better focus & coverage: Providing the best support to the most people requires deliberate choices and ruthless prioritization on our side. Focusing on a single platform allows us to provide coverage with Twingate employees who are part of the Technical Support team but also from our Solutions Engineers: they can help solve issues but also make recommendations on use cases and best practices learned in the field working with our many customers.
  • Product feedback: properly tagging feature requests allows us to more easily funnel all of it back to our own product organization and advocate for community requests (in addition to requests coming from our enterprise customers).

If you have any suggestions or concerns, do let us know!

The Twingate Team