Full-cone NAS & PFSense

Hello there,

I hope you’re all having a great day!

So, I’ve got this network setup with multiple PFSense VMs running the show, and honestly, they’re doing a pretty solid job. I’ve got quite a few of them in my local network, and unless something absolutely blows me away, they’re here to stay.

Now, a while back, I embarked on a journey to set up Twingate, and during that adventure, I came across this concept called full-cone NAT. It piqued my interest because, as far as I know, PFSense doesn’t and probably won’t ever support full-cone NAT.

My network is a bit of a speed demon, with parts of it running at 10 GBE, including my VLAN of VMs and my NAS. I was super excited to use Twingate to access all this awesomeness behind my firewall, but here’s the kicker: Twingate isn’t quite flexing its muscles when it comes to efficient routing. It’s only pushing through a few hundred megabits of throughput, which, honestly, left me a tad disappointed. I mean, those are OpenVPN numbers.

Now, I know my VMs aren’t slacking, and nothing seems to be hurting in my setup. But here’s the thing: I need more performance, and I’m on a quest to unlock it.

So, I’m turning to you, fellow Twingate enthusiasts. Does anyone have any secret tricks up their sleeve to optimize PFSense and Twingate together and unlock that full-cone throughput? I’m open to any suggestions or advice you might have to improve this situation and get Twingate to really shine on my network.

Let’s put this one on the moon! :rocket: