Accessing shared folder

Hi gang,

Just need a little help here TwinGate working as it should but I need a little help probably staring at me in the face but alas I have not figured it out yet!

My issue is I setup a resource (NAS) via IP and can access but not the shared folder it takes me straight to the NAS login screen. I dread asking these questions generally some bright spark will come along and poof solve it and me the (dummy) LoL. As an aside signed up with the Teams sub as I believe this will be a fantastic platform.

How would you normally access the share on the NAS, if you were on the same network? Are you using that same method now with Twingate connected and running?

Also how have you setup the resource, have you restricted any traffic or ports? Is it a NFS or SMB/Samba type share, and what OS are you trying to access it from?

Hello Ben,

Thank you for the response, normal access within the same network is SMB/Samba share the machines all have a mapped drive letter to the folder, we access using Win 10/11 machines.

This is a TrueNas Core setup thank you for the assistance.

Unfortunately I will be moving to a different platform the lack of support on a paid product leaves me no choice just close this thread thanks!