Dual NICs supported?

We have found an issue with dual NICs (Wireless and wired) on our laptops with Twingate. Whenever we are connected to the internet with two NICs, Twingate will not pass traffic. If we disconnect from either network, Twingate works. Put another way, Twingate works with either network separately and fails when both networks are connected. The two NICs are on separate subnets.
When our users come into the office and connect to their docking station, they have both a wired and wireless connection.
The routes look correct, with the wired connection having a lower metric. All other internet traffic works. Is there any way to get Twingate to allow traffic with two NICs?

Hi @JonS,

what versions are your Twingate Clients on, currently? A fix was recently released for this, I believe.

Great idea Bren! I updated to the latest client, and I still experience the issue occasionally, but not every time I plug in. I’m still trying to determine what is different and causes the issue. Thank you!