Twingate IPv6 support

We’re currently doing a trial of the Twingate client and it seems to do a lot of what we want, so that’s a big plus.
However we also have a project where we’re implementing support in our networks for IPv6, with the goal of running v6 internally with 464XLAT and NAT64 long term.
I’m curious how the client will interact with those networks, and how it will behave on v6 only networks.
I noticed that you could enter IPv6 CIDRs in the portal, but I am unable to test it out right now because we’re still early in the test phase.

We are rolling out support for IPv6 in a coming release. I do not have a date to add here, but it is on the roadmap and is something that is actively being worked on.

Please reach out to sales to find out more about roadmap items!