Failed to connect o internal resources

We setup Twingate with two connectors and two resources (two subnets on our network). We are getting failed to connect when trying to reach anything. I have read that this is always the connector can’t reach the resource. Our connectors are Debian and from the connectors I can ping and reach everything on these subnets. There is no firewall running.

The Connector receives the request and then gets Failed to connect to the IP we can ping from the connector.

Where do we go from here?

Hi @Michael1,

it sounds like something is blocking connections from the Connector to the resource itself. You did mention that ping is working there but ping might not be the complete picture of it. What kind of resource are you trying to reach? what port(s) are those resources using?

Ping doesn’t work from the client. It works from the Connector. SSH doesn’t work from the client. It works from the connector. Which is why it’s so confusing. Seems like it should just work as the visual in the portal says it gets to the connector and then fails.

It doesn’t appear that Twingate has any support. I opened a ticket yesterday and uploaded all the logs and such but haven’t heard anything.

Hi @Michael1, I believe we just responded to your support ticket: Our support team prioritizes customers with production implementations and issues as I am sure you can appreciate.

The description of the issue makes me think it may be due to something running on the device where the Client is installed that may be incompatible (SSL inspection software, another active VPN client competing with the Twingate Client for local resources, etc.)