Connector fails to connect

I am using Twingate on a Raspberry Pi 4. Docker is installed with three different resources. When I try to connect I get a “this site can’t be reached” message in the browser. Reviewing the Network Activity for the connector it shows many attempts but the details always say "Failed to connect to the ip address, it could not be reached. I have T-Mobile Home Internet. Any suggestions on making Twingate work?

When you try to connect to a resource you get that message? The resource is a browser-based resource also I assume.

So if you are looking at the connector logs and the connector is saying it cannot connect to the resource that means it simply cannot get to it. Since you are running these in docker is there an issue with the docker containers getting out to the internet?

So to test this SSH into the container itself where one of the connectors is hosted and see if you can curl to the resource (curl because it seems like this is a web resource). If you cannot then add --net host to your container creation will help. It is common for docker to use one or the other networks to get out.

That said. The container can see the Internet. If it couldn’t it would not be green in the admin console. Can you validate that the connectors show green?

Share which resource you are trying to access and ensure you are confident the connector should be able to access it.


Thanks for the reply. As I was thinking about how to approach following your suggestions, it occurred to me that the use of Docker was not really needed for what I was trying to do. So, I just simplified things and installed my two resources on two raspberry pi’s and everything works great.

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