Unable ping and connect to resource


I have on-promise architecture, my setup:

Ubuntu 20.04:

  • a connector installed on it (as a bin, not a docker container),
  • a client is installed on it.

Dell_1 Ubuntu 20.04 (here is installed connector):

  • installed twingate client
  • IP in twingateway:

Dell_2 Precision Windows 10:

  • installed twingate client
  • IP in twingateway:
  • installed Apache2 server on port 80

Smartphone (Android):

  • client twingate installed

Both resources are added the same network, acces: everyone, All traffic: allowed.
I cannot ping from:

  • Dell_1 ↔ Dell_2
  • Smartphone → Dell_1
  • Smartphone → Dell_2

Cannot connect from:

  • Dell_2 to Dell_1 by ssh on port 22
  • Dell_1 to Dell_2 to Apache2 server which running on port 80.

It seems i have all devices online and authorized in the twingate control panel, but i cannot ping and achieve resources.

I tested it with use two diffrent network.

I found some advice:

"Set a range of group IDs (minimum / maximum inclusive) that are allowed to create ICMP Echo sockets.

For connectors that were deployed via systemd:

  1. Verify current value

sysctl net.ipv4.ping_group_range

  1. If set to default “0 1”, The following command will write the sysctl setting to the configuration file.

echo 'net.ipv4.ping_group_range = 0 2147483647' | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.conf "

But, it did not help.

To make sure I understand your setup, you have an Ubuntu machine and two Dell machines that are all on the same network, correct?

For Twingate to work, all of the Resources you define in the Admin Console must be reachable from wherever the Connector is running. In your case, that means the Ubuntu machine running the Connector needs to be able to reach Dell_1 and Dell_2. Is your Ubuntu machine able to reach the others? (It’ll likely be on the network.)

Thank you for your response.

Actually it looks like that:

there are only two machine:

Dell_1 Ubuntu 20.04 :

  • here is deployed a connector,
  • his IP in twingateway:,
  • on this machine is also installed twingate client,
  • this machine has connection to internet by ISP_1.

Connector Details:

Uptime: 01:26

Time Offset: -1s

STUN Discovery: Available

Hostname: dell

Public IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Private IP:,,

Dell_2 Windows 10 :

  • here is installed twingate client
  • IP in twingateway:
  • here is installed Apache2 server, reached on port 80
  • this machine has connection to internet by ISP_2.

Dell_1 had IP form (router) dhcp.
Dell_2 had IP from (another router, another ISP) dhcp.

I set static IP for Dell_1 ( and added another static IP (connector and client on the same machine)
I set static IP for Dell_2 ( and added another static IP

Now, in a Controller section: Connector Details are private IPs:

  • - this IP is on a interface which uses twingate client (or connector ?) i think
  • - it belogns for docker, doesn’t matter in this case.

So, when i had used static IPs + added 10.70.0.x on both machines, all works fine. I can access to both machines even form Android client.

Thank you @alexb

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