Cannot connect to resource

So, I cannot connect to my server that is running the docker-containers for the connectors/relays, I got my friend to jump on the VPN and he could connect to my router (from the local IP) but not the actual server.

Hi there!

Sorry to hear you’re having issues.

Looking at your configuration - the connector itself is showing that the LAN IP of the machine it’s on is .4, rather than .100.

You should also be able to add host.docker.internal as a Twingate resource, and that will default to the IP of the Host machine (when queried from the container).

If you add that resource, and try connecting to that, does it work?

Let me know!


Hi, I appreciate the help.

But, without the VPN i have perfect connectivity to my server from my PC and my guess would be that is for the docker container, as 1 of the connectors is allowing local network access.

I resolved the issue, I had changed Dockers networking to my own network subnet, thus creating the issue.

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