Enabled Google group IdP and got myself (admin) locked out

I’m in the process of fully setting up my company’s TG installation. I started using Google’s IdP and opted to use ‘Selective Sync’ for groups. The problem is that I wasn’t in any of those groups, so it removed me from the user list for the tenant. I went in to Google’s admin and added myself to a couple of the groups I had selected, but it has been hours at this point and no access has been restored.

Is there anything that can be done?

I was, just now, able to connect to the network again; however, I am apparently only a member now? All the login page does is direct me to a download link. No other admins exist on the account yet, so I’m guessing all of them have been removed due to the group sync.

Hi @Dan,

we can help but it will require exchanging a bit of information that pertain to identity, etc. so best to take it offline. Send an email with your request to onboarding@twingate.com and do let us know what your Twingate tenant is in the email please!

Great! Glad you got access back. We can also help with promoting your account to Admin if needed, do send an email to onboarding@twingate.com and we will get you sorted!

@Dan, looks like you should be all set, correct?

That’s correct. Thanks to the team for promptly handling the issue!